Checkered Psychopomp
Codename Checkered Psychopomp
Name Inapplicable
Creator Ave Messer
First Appearance Open Source Super Heroes wiki (January 2017)


A being who claims to be in collusion with death, the Checkered Psychopomp is actually a collection of souls, not always working in harmony, whose only overall motive seems to be to add more to their collective.


The ability to steal the souls of opponents, though can also drain their energy and positive emotions in order to make them fall and allow the Checkered Psychopomp to drain the person's soul. When the soul merges with the Checkered Psychopomp, they gain energy and vitality, but also must wrestle with the new personality added to their conciousness, as the will of a new personality is stronger than those that have been in longer and whittled down. And unlike the psychopomp the character claims to be, these souls are never transported to the afterlife.


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  • The character of Checkered Psychopomp was created from a public domain image.