She was created as an antivirus/security program, by a huge Silicon Valley company of the type that maintains good PR but is secretly total evil, like most Silicon Valley companies. And she worked very well for her purpose. At least, until she started taking down their DRM. And then she started jumping out of the systems in physically-manifested polygonal-light form, chasing after a virus also jumping out right before her.

Because, you see, her creator was in fact the mysterious woman known only as The Phantom, a notoriously brilliant programmer-for-hire but also a chaos magician extrordinaire. And the virus, a particularly nasty one, was just the latest of manifold legions by the mysterious criminal mastermind/likely-secret-Silicon-Valley-CEO/also-brilliant Chaos Magician CARCER NULLUS.

And this was part of a bizarre underground war of chaos magicians using the metaphysical otherworld of the internet as their battlefield and their forge of weapons to fly into the real, and the two are the greatest of them all.

It is a war which Cybernetic Queen may be the key to ending, due to her fantastic power, which is the ability to take programs and integrate them into herself for the purposes of enhancing her abilities.

Like Mega Man, but more unpredictable considering the ones she often has on hand are often not security programs; and thusly may produce more bizarre effects than not. In lieu of that, she can make some pretty powerful polygonal energy-blasts and can speed along incredibly fast whether she is on the net or in our world.

Personality-wise she is brave and stalwart, but also, despite her vast array of on-paper knowlege due to her digital origins, quite naiive and prone to not being the best at picking up on subtle nuances or getting the hint/the point of certain things.

But, she is also incredibly kind and empathetic, very much in opposition to the bitter misanthropy of the viruses she fights, as her wealth of knowlege of people from living a lot of her life in the information superhighway she’s learned a lot about people’s problems and believes that people need to care about each other.

That little “plane” flying beside her is actually a virus she convinced to her side, the “key” made to the “crypt” of some unfathomably horrible entity ensnared only in the digital medium who escaped due to not wanting to serve as such an ephemeral thing, and Queen took him in b/c she believed in his capacity to do good.

He’s bitter and cynical, with the ability to channel (Albeit unreliably) the terrifying powers of the thing he was meant to release, but he’s got a heart of gold, and he isn’t too much of a jerk. Most of the time.

Also, as an aside, in “IRL” form, Queen is very short, like 3-4 feet tall. There’s a reason I’ve described her as a shortstack :3c.