Lexy thompson and golemar by daimosz-dbfv3uo
Codename Golemar (Robot)
Name Lexy Thompson
Gender Female (Lexy)

Masculine Programming (Golemar)

Family Thompson
City Louisville, Kentucky (Birth)

Akihabara, Tokyo, Japan (present)

Occupation Robot controller, kaiju/robot fighter, otaku, mechanic.
Status Alive
Creator Joel Endrizzi
First Appearance DeviantART (2013)


The nearly identical twin sister to Jessica, Lexy is a more calmer than her rambunctious sister and often butts heads with Jessica as a result. In many ways she's similar to her friend Hiroumi in the same way Jessica is similar to Hiroumi's sister Mika, both being siblings who are polar opposite of each other but both have mecha's of their own that tie them together. Of the quote unquote "Grandfour Girls", Lexy is the Group thinker, planning out how to defeat aliens and monsters on the fly which usually work though sometimes her plans fail, due to changing circumstances in combat. When it happens, it usually results to her and the rest of the team having to improvise to fight off any villains and end up succeeding though this doesn't happen often. She also like the rest of her friends is an Otaku and like Jessica enjoys being an American with the privilege of living in Akihabara though tends to keep her inner otaku to herself.


Golemar is her personal robot, and is a variant to the model that Jessica's robot Grandor bears, possessing size changing powers up to 30 meters and Artificial intelligence like the rest of the Grandor team and many other robots in Japan. While it isn't as powerful as Grandor, it is more faster and agile than Grandor and also was bought with a retrofitted anti-gravitational thruster built in its feet, something that is not common nor easy to afford to a 18 year old like Lexy. Because of this she considers herself lucky to possess that. Golemar can also fire a flamethrower from it's chest which can also be filled with other substances. Unfortunately this has lead to Mika and Jessica pranking Lexy by filling the cannon with high concentrations Mountain Dew and Mentos leading to disastrous results when fired in combat much to her-and Golemar's-chagrin.


Lexy and Golemar are free for people to use, as long as they credit Joel Endrizzi as the creator of the characters.