Metalen Meisje
Codename Metalen Meisje
Name Ashley Rathipal
Gender Female
Occupation Superhero
Creator lizard-socks
First Appearance Bugfriend (2017)


Ashley Rathipal was born and raised in Paramaribo. She knew she was transgender at an early age, but never told anyone outside of her immediate family.

Ashley started to develop superpowers at the age of 14. Already an accomplished track athlete at school, she combined her athleticism with her powers and became a superhero. Because her force fields sound like metal when they hit something, she adopted the name Metalen Meisje.

Her identity remained secret until she moved out of the country to continue her superhero training at the age of 18. She took this opportunity to adopt the name Ashley (which worked better as a girl's name) and change her last name to Rathipal (to protect her family back home.) She travels using a special passport issued by the Dutch government. After spending a number of years in Curaçao, she moved to Florida to participate (as herself) on a scripted superhero fighting show called International Superfight.


Ashley is friendly, but serious, and doesn't usually make many jokes. She is very professional but gets anxious if someone she respects doesn't like her.

She acts like a traditional superhero so that civilians respect her. She doesn't think that she could make people respect her if she wasn't a superhero. She also believes that her power as an influential celebrity is much more important than her actual fighting power.

Ashley enjoys participating in sports. She is comfortable in her own body; she doesn't like the idea of changing it in any way, either through medicine or magic.


  • Force Field - Ashley can generate multiple types of force fields, with varying strengths and shapes. She prefers to create quicker but more easily breakable force fields over durable shields that are more taxing to create. She often uses this power offensively by throwing force field shards at an opponent.
    • Superhuman Durability - Although Ashley isn't very strong, her force fields allow her to keep fighting for a long time, even when she's outmatched.


  • Athletics - Ashley is an accomplished athlete. As a teenager she was one of the best high jumpers in Suriname. She still practices and participates in various athletic events.
  • Acrobatics - Ashley knows how to perform many acrobatic maneuvers, both as part of her superhero traning and through her TV appearances.
  • Charisma - Ashley is popular among many different kinds of people and always seems to know how to avoid controversy.


Metalen Meisje is an open source character available for use by anyone. Feel free to use it any way you wish; provided the creator is mentioned.

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