Roberta and Ray (Millard and Bulsterbaum)
Codename Moietic Malice
Name Roberta Raymond "R" Duoa
Gender Female (transgender)
Occupation Thief
Creator Ave Messer
First Appearance Open Source Super Heroes wiki (December 2016)


Born into a traveling circus, R grew up a sideshow act, a spectacle due to their being intersex. Dressed provocatively and paraded in front of others, they felt this was the only life they had to live. However, when the circus had to shut down due to low attendance, R found themselves without a sense of purpose. No skills in living on their own, they turned to crime to subsidize their life, and their upbringing meant that they always needed to put on a show of it, to grab attention. So a supervillain persona was the only way to go...


No powers, but excellent at showmanship and charisma. They also learned several skills growing up in the circus from the others there, being adept at knife throwing, fire eating/twirling/breathing, prestidigitation, juggling, acrobatics, and such.