Codename Negatrans
Name Kara Avalynn "Lynn" Messer
Creator Ave Messer
First Appearance Open Source Super Heroes wiki (June 2018)


Hailing from a universe running opposite to that of Supertrans, inverted in morality as well as colors and the like, Negatrans is the dark mirror of Supertrans, opposite to her counterpart in all areas of motivation and action (but not gender or sex). Using her ring's otherworldly attributes, she found a bridge to the dimension in which Supertrans lives and came over to menace that population, coming into opposition with Supertrans.

Powers and abilities

Like Supertrans, Negatrans has a ring imbued with other-dimensional energy. This one bestows the user with flight, strength, speed, enhanced senses, invulnerability, and electric vision.


Anything that can get past her invulnerability and get at her internal organs is a problem to Negatrans (electricity and radiation, primarily), just like with Supertrans, and also like her counterpart has no defense against magic.


Negatrans is an open source character created specifically for anyone to use, with the condition that people credit the creator, Ave Messer.