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Open source Superheroes is a database of original characters and storylines developed by dedicated artists, writers and illustrators. As a collaborative project, O.S.S.H welcomes input and feedback from all contributors, particularly those with a firm knowledge of the visual media associated with the subject. Please feel free to visit our sister projects, serving to expand the range and scope of the source material (see links at the bottom of the page). For full effect, set your preferences to monobook. Problems or inquiries, please contact our Administrators for assistance.

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Radiant Princess Miho follows the tale of Yomeno Miho, a magical princess of the Radiant Kingdom. Bored with court life, Miho-chan runs away to Earth, where she is quickly 'adopted' by a pair of girls her own age. Possessing an unusual array of sorcerous abilities, Miho decides to protect her new home from the various supernatural threats which have followed her into the mortal realm. Read more.

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One year prior to America's entry into WW2, US Army Captain Ross Hamilton volunteers for a secret scientific experiment known as Operation Eagle. After the experiment successfully increases his strength to superhuman levels, Hamilton assumes the identity of Major Triumph, becoming the scourge of spies and saboteurs everywhere. Working initially from Washington DC, he soon relocates to the European theatre after 1941, where he battles Axis super-villians such as Tiwaz the Terrible and The Yellow Dragon... Click here to view image at full size.


Terra Magnus is a fictional universe set within the Landmark RPG, an alternate continuity which periodically encroaches on the mainstream reality. A violent, warlike empire ruled by malevolent transhumans, Terra Magnus is the "dark twin" of the Planet Earth.READ MORE...


According to most sources, Selina was first published by Landmark Magazines in 1964, making her official debut in Journey into Adventure no. 23. Devised by industry veteran Ray Haddingsly, Selina was originally intended to capture a young female audience by combining science fiction with teen-romance. READ MORE...

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