Codename Smackeroo
Name Hunter Payne
Creator Ave Messer
First Appearance Open Source Superheroes Wiki (February 2018)


Legend told of a gem of power, hidden in a place treacherous for humans to travel to, which could only be retrieved by one worthy of wielding it. Expedition after expedition turned out to be a failure, until one fortuitous excursion, made up of explorers, scholars and the soldiers of fortune they hired to provide protection on the journey. The expedition happened to include Josefina Ruiz, who placed her hand on the gem and was bathed in divine light, greeted by beings claiming to be gods. They proclaimed her worthy to hold the power of the gem, and informed her that she could fuse with the gem when she wished to, and that it would give her the form and costuming she wished. The light faded away and Josefina returned to the encampment, mulling the idea of whether she wanted to fuse just yet.

Sadly, she never gained the opportunity to make that choice. One of the soldiers of fortune saw that she had the gem and, when the explorers had bedded for the night, decided to take the power for himself. He snuck into her tent and stole her gem. The gem responded to his desire for the power and fused with him, shaping his body into the form that was wished for by Josefina. The newly superhuman mercenary was mortified at his now-feminine body and laid waste to the encampment in a rage. He traveled back to his home in the US and, not knowing how to un-fuse from the gem, took up mercenary duties, gaining clientele from the supervillain community who were all too happy in his helpful powers, while he also attempted to pass himself off at times as a hero, in order to distract from his criminal activity. It didn't hurt in that regard that Josefina had imagined such a bright, colorful costume...


Super strength, flight, heightened durability, energy absorption (which can either be expelled through the hands, used to amplify one of the other powers, or amplify the powers of Smackeroo's choosing)


  • This character is available to be used by anyone, but you must credit Ave Messer when using him. However, while the character design can be used freely, the particular picture used in this article is copyright Doll Divine and Candy's World, from their X-Girls Scene Maker character creator.