Character artwork done by xsheepi on deviantart Real Name Tiama (unknown last name) First Appearance None

Original Publisher None

Created by Reign Comics




  1. Abilities
  2. Weapons and Equipment
  3. Notes


Little is known about Tiama's childhood, it is known that in her teens she joined the Dewirian military and quickly rose to personally guard the king and queen.


Tiama was the best strategist and fighter in the Dewirian army, Tiama is skilled in various forms of combat can survive weeks without food and water 

Weapons and Equipment

  • Weapons: can make various weapons through water manipulations
  • Equipment: various through water manipulations


Tiama is an "Open-Source Character" and has been deemed so, specifically, for use by anyone by the original creator. The only rule about using him is that your work must have this notation:

"The character of the  is available for use by anyone, with only one condition. This paragraph must be included in any publication involving Tiama, in order that others may use this property as they wish. All rights reversed."